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Are Your Backlinks Indexed By Google? Improve Search Engine Rankings With Google Backlinks Checker

google-backlinks-checkerIf your pages are not in Google’s index then how will it send you traffic? How will your backlinks be counted and your search engine rankings improve?

The answer to these problems is a simple $7 solution called Google Backlinks Checker.

No longer will you create backlinks and wonder why your search engine rankings do not improve. With Google Backlinks Checker you will know which links have been indexed and more important which links have NOT been indexed by Google. Now you concentrate your efforts on getting those links noticed by the search engines.

Checking Backlinks The Easy Way

With the Google backlink checker tool you just copy and past a list of url’s you want to check or import your sitemap and articles feeds. This is one of the essential webmaster tools you will want to have to help you improve search engine rankings.

Here’s What Backlinks Checker Can Do For You

checking-backlinks Know which of your web pages are indexed and which ones are NOT
checking-backlinks Import your article URLs from any
article directory feed
webmaster-tools Quickly extract ALL your URLs from
Youtube, Ezines, Squidoo & Hubpages
google-index Instantly identify which of your profile pages are indexed and which ones are NOT
backlinks-checker Automatically generate a list of indexed and non indexed URLs for future checking
search-engine-ranking Instantly download the simple $7 solution!

Get the Google webmaster tools to help you rank, buy Google Backlinks Checker now.




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